The Importance of Sleep

Sleep takes up about one-third of your life, and for good reasons. Sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy, productive and low-stress lifestyle. Here are just a few benefits of getting a good night’s sleep:

1. Increased Productivity and Work Performance

Giving your body enough time to go through all the sleep stages is necessary for energy, muscle repair, improved memory, and the release or regulation of important hormones that are essential for everyday functions within the body.

2. Decreased Weight Gain

According to the National Sleep Foundation, not allowing your body enough time for rest and regulation can lead to an increased appetite. The particular hormones that give you the feeling of being full or hungry can become irregular, which may cause increased feelings of hunger that lead to weight gain.

3. Improved Mental Health

Getting enough sleep can help alleviate feelings of fatigue that may contribute to stress, depression, and anxiety. Symptoms of fatigue can be drowsiness, loss of energy, and mood swings.