Easier access, lower cost: how to get the most out of telemedicine programs

“Convenient” and “easy to use” aren’t how members would likely describe their experiences engaging with today’s complex health system. Telemedicine is one example of how payers are using technology and a keener understanding of consumer behavior to help change that narrative.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, telemedicine makes it easier than ever to have a doctor-patient visit any time by phone or other mobile devices. The reality today is that many people expect digital-first experiences as they go through daily life—and that extends to how they access health care.

Telemedicine’s video-based communication is designed to be a more convenient, easier-to-use option for non-acute medical issues, such as allergies, flu, colds, pink eye, fevers and rashes.  Visits last about 20 minutes and doctors can diagnose conditions and send prescriptions** to a pharmacy when appropriate.

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